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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog
Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.
  • A Few Takes on Marketing your Firm

    by kristina.oldenburg kristina.oldenburg | Mar 29, 2010

    Small Law: How Many Lunches Equal a New Client” is Lee Rosen’s assertion that “the most effective and efficient marketing I've ever done is having lunch with a referral source…. It's where you should spend the bulk of your marketing energy.”   He illustrates with calculations, concluding that “to get one retainer this month, you need to take 20 referral sources to lunch or coffee. If you need 3 new clients this month, you need 60 referral source meetings” (from TechnoLawyer).

    Meanwhile, “How to Get Coverage in Blogs—Really” highlights social media as a marketing tool.  Be succinct, tailored, and compelling in communications with prolific bloggers if you want them to promote your content (Tom Pick, Social Media Today). These ideas are put in a legal context in “How to Get Coverage in Law Blogs” (Kevin O’Keefe, Real Lawyers Have Blogs).

    Continuing the social media theme, “Facebook for Law Firms” contains Jordan Furlong’s argument that the social networking site Facebook allows firms to share more than what is “possible or appropriate to tell and show through other communication means, such as a website, a newsletter or a brochure” (Stem Legal Law Firm Web Strategy Blog).

  • Our Legislative Publications

    by CLBC Administrator | Mar 24, 2010

    We're currently in the process of evaluating our two legislative publications: the B.C. Legislative Digest and the Canada Legislative Index.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with these products, they provide a weekly summary of B.C. and federal legislative activity.  Users can easily track the progress of new bills, find new regulations, check for recent amendments or keep up to date with acts in force. (If you'd like more information, please contact us!)


    While both publications are widely regarded as excellent resources for anyone researching legislation, to be sustainable we must be sensitive to the current economy and an increasingly online environment.


    Surveys have been sent out to our subscribers, both past and present, to help us determine how we can best deliver the information they need.  We expect those responses to be most useful (and thank everyone for their time!).


    We'd like now though, to use this space to broaden the discussion.  To all our users who have had occasion to use these publications, we invite you to send in a comment.  What is your opinion of these publications?  Have they proved useful to you?  Which part do you use most often?  Are you satisfied with the print product or would you prefer to access the information online?....


    Let us know what you think - all suggestions are welcome!

  • Upcoming Training Sessions for the New Rules

    by kristina.oldenburg kristina.oldenburg | Mar 18, 2010

    The new Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules are coming into effect soon—need to know more about how the new rules will affect your practice? Here are training opportunities of interest to BC lawyers and legal support staff.

    CPD hours, if any, vary. Please contact course providers for details about scheduling, content, and locations.


    Civil Rules for Lawyers
    CBA BC New Civil Rules
    Surrey, March 31 (Live)
    Richmond, May 3 (Live)


    CLE BC New Civil Rules two-day course (for lawyers & legal support staff)
    Vancouver, April 26-27 (Live); also live webcast
    Victoria, May 13-14 (Live)
    Kelowna, May 20-21(Live)
    Prince George, June 3-4 (Live)
    Nanaimo, Penticton, June 15-16 (Video Repeat)
    Kamloops, Vernon, Duncan, Kelowna, Trail, Surrey, June 17-18 (Video Repeat)
    Dawson Creek, June 18-19 (Video Repeat)
    Cranbrook, Victoria, June 24-25 (Video Repeat)
    Courtenay, Prince George, June 25-26 (Video Repeat)


    CLE BC New Supreme Court Civil Rules Noon Webcast (for lawyers & legal support staff)
    Webcast, March 30 (Live on web)


    Dye & Durham Civil Rules Webinar
    Web, March 31


    Law Courts Center New Civil Rules course series
    Vancouver & Richmond, Various dates March-June (Live-register for all or part of a series)


    Trial Lawyers Association of BC The New BC Supreme Court Rules
    Kelowna, June 4 (Live)


    Family Rules for Lawyers
    CBA BC New Family Rules
    Kelowna, April 9 (Live)
    Nanaimo, April 21 (Live)


    CLE BC Family Law: The New Supreme Court Rules (for lawyers & legal support staff)
    Vancouver, April 16 (Live); Also live webcast.
    Kelowna, April 19 (Live)
    Victoria, April 22 (Live)
    Terrace, May 15 (Video Repeat)
    Dawson Creek, Duncan, Kelowna, Surrey, and Vernon, May 28 (Video Repeat)
    Nanaimo, Penticton, June 8 (Video Repeat)
    Kamloops, June 10 (Video Repeat)
    Courtenay, Cranbrook, Prince George, Victoria, June 11 (Video Repeat)
    Trail, June 25 (Video Repeat)



    Civil Rules for Legal Support Staff
    CLE BC New Civil Rules 2010 for Legal Support Staff
    Vancouver, May 7 (Live); also live webcast



    Family Rules for Legal Support Staff
    CLE BC Family Law: The New Supreme Court Rules for Legal Support Staff
    Vancouver, May 12 (Live); also live webcast
    Surrey, Trail, June 25 (Video Repeat)
    Nanaimo, Penticton, July 13 (Video Repeat)
    Kamloops, Vernon, July 15 (Video Repeat)
    Dawson Creek, Duncan, Kelowna, Courtenay, Cranbrook, Prince George, Victoria, July 16 (Video Repeat)



    Resources at BC Courthouse Libraries

    We have the Civil Rules Transition Guide, by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia on order for all branches.

    Check availability at your courthouse library.

    We also purchase conference materials from CLE BC and TLABC that are available after their courses.



    Web Resources
    There is a table of concordance between the current and new Supreme Court Civil Rules, and links to more information on the Ministry of Attorney General’s website.

    There’s also a concordance and links to more information for the new Family Rules.



    If there’s something I’ve missed, please let us know.



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