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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog
Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.
  • Uncommon Oaths

    by CLBC Administrator | Jun 22, 2011

    Have you ever heard of the chicken oath?

    Generally speaking, when going to court as a witness, people are prepared to raise their right hands and swear an oath on a holy book to tell the truth. But this isn’t the only way to do it.


    A Lawyer's Oath of Office - 1948

    A century ago, the chicken oath was used primarily by those of Chinese descent in British Columbia.  The oath involved the witness signing his name on a piece of paper, followed by a ceremony outside the court in which a rooster's head was chopped off on a block and the paper oath was ...

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  • Quicklaw Roll-Out Continued...

    by CLBC Administrator | Jun 16, 2011

    ...and completed!

    Back in March we were excited to announce that we licensed Quicklaw (LexisNexis Canada) for clients to use in our Vancouver, Victoria and regional libraries. At the time, we mentioned that when we were satisfied with its performance and value for clients, we would hopefully continue the rollout by adding QL to some of our smaller local libraries.

    Well, those weren't simply words. So again we are pleased to announce that we’ve extended our QL subscription so that clients can use it in all our libraries. That's right! Come in to any of our libraries and you will ...

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  • BC Courts Unveil 24 Information Packages for the Self-Represented

    by CLBC Administrator | Jun 09, 2011

    Access to Justice. It's attracted plenty of attention lately, although not in a "good news story" sort of way, regrettably.

    BC Court of Appeal Chief Justice Lance Finch called it the "elephant in the room", and Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin warned of the "very dangerous road" the legal system is on, pointing to the dower truth that access to justice is beyond the reach of many Canadians. Law Society of BC President Gavin Hume, QC put it pithily, “You don’t need to go to law school to figure out that without access to justice ...

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