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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog
Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.
  • Recently Added

    by Lesley Dobin | Nov 01, 2016

    Evidence: Principles and Problems

    11th ed. updated to 2015

    Combining text and excerpts from leading cases with commentary and thought-provoking problem scenarios, this new 11th edition still remains a comprehensive resource on the law of evidence.

    Edited and updated, the following major new Supreme Court rulings are considered:
    • Hryniak v. Mauldin (summary judgment motions in civil cases)
    • Grant (principled approach to admissibility)
    • N.S. (sexual assault complainant seeking to testify wearing niqab face veil)
    • Baldree (implied assertions properly considered hearsay)
    • White Burgess Langille Inman (admissibility of expert evidence)
    • Sekhon (police witness must not exceed area of expert evidence)
    • Hart and Mack (Mr. Big evidence obtained by undercover police)
    Available on the shelf in our Vancouver library now!
  • Exploring Electronic Resources: CLE Practice Manuals

    by Lesley Dobin | Oct 27, 2016

    This is the weekly look at one of the many valuable online legal information resources available when you visit the Courthouse Libraries of BC. Today we’re looking at the BC Creditors’ Remedies – An Annotated Guide.

    Available as part of the CLEBC Practice Manuals collection, BC Creditors’ Remedies – An Annotated Guide, allows users to easily access cases, legislation, forms and precedents in the creditor-debtor area. Online access allows for easy keyword searching, while hyperlinks provide quick access to full text case law and legislation.

    This collection should provide users with clear, practical explanations of how to commence an action, how to handle prejudgment collections, and how to use execution proceedings effectively.

    Some highlights include:

    • model discharge order for receiver or receiver-manager
    • administrative notice for proceedings before a registrar in bankruptcy—standard order; discharge terms
    • place of examination of a foreign debtor
    • summary trial for fraudulent transaction cases: SCC endorsement of summary processes
    • enforcement by band creditor against debtor’s right of possession of reserve lands
    • Indian child support enforcement against property located on reserve
    • BCCA: no equitable overriding of PPSA priority scheme; overturning BCSC cases on release of garnishing order; ruling on charitable “sham trust”

    When you are next in the library performing research or borrowing material, don’t forget to explore the resources online and check back here every week, to learn more about the electronic resources available on-site at any location of Courthouse Libraries BC.

  • Recently Updated!

    by Lesley Dobin | Oct 26, 2016

    Statutory Interpretation

    3rd ed. Updated to 2016

    The third edition has been updated and restructured, adding a new chapter to the Introduction that explains what is meant by “the entire context” — the core concept of the modern principle that governs interpretation — and shows how the various interpretive rules and presumptions fit into that complex concept. There is another new chapter on Aboriginal law and rights to reflect the increasing importance of this area of law. Finally, this edition offers an expanded, comprehensive treatment of the presumptions of legislative intent and the important role that policy plays in interpretation, even though courts are sometimes reluctant to acknowledge that role.

    The above summary is provided by Irwin Law.


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