Everyone in BC has the legal information they need and the ability to use it.

Courthouse Libraries BC is a non-profit organization that helps the public and the legal community find and use legal information.

Informed citizens are essential to the realization of just societies. For centuries, libraries have been foundational institutions in democratic civilization. Law libraries, in particular, serve to support the rule of law by providing neutral, reliable legal information. Today that role is more important than ever.

In recent years, information has moved extensively online. Modern search engines provide access to massive data sets but they cannot provide the context to understand that data, let alone convert it to useful information. What sets libraries apart is their role as curators, ensuring equity of access to reliable, useable information in as effective and efficient way as possible, including human assistance where required.

Engaging and collaborating with both end users of legal information as well as content producers, we provide a platform to connect them in ways that not only meet their needs and benefit the parties involved, but that also increases the reach of legal information and maximizes the benefit to the larger justice ecosystem in British Columbia.