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The original funding in 2008 was based on population statistics. The LawMatters grants program is currently expected to end with the 2017 year of grants. Library grants were decreased by 25% for 2014 and 25% for 2015 with the current grant amounts expected to last until 2017.

  • Libraries are strongly encouraged to spend grant funds with a goal to ensure that the public have access to legal information in all communities throughout BC.
  • All libraries must have all of the titles on the Essential list of Law Books for Libraries, and may use remaining funds for other titles on the list.
  • Libraries can order from the Free Titles List
  • Libraries can order duplicate copies or new titles as appropriate to the community
  • Titles must be ordered by libraries through vendors, bookstores, or publishers of their choice.

The Law Books for Libraries list is available in excel format, and can be forwarded to you by email.

The excel workbook contains filters which allow you to browse the list by size, date, title, publisher and subject.

Updated materials are highlighted in green, newly added materials appear highlighted in purple.

You can order anything from any size designation the list. Every community is different and may have different needs. You are encouraged to take a look at the full list to see what titles may be relevant or important for our library.

You can use the filters on the spreadsheet to display books for Small (S) Medium (M) and Large (L) libraries as well as the Essential Titles (E). If you prefer, you can use other filters such as subject, publisher, or date.

For publications by the Legal Services Society (LSS)* and People’s Law School, you can order off of Crown Publications. To sign in and order off of Crown Publications you will need a Crown Account number (Customer ID) and a Postal Code. If you do not have an account already, LSS can set one up for you here (see Ordering online with Crown Publications).

If you have forgotten your Customer ID, and have ordered through LawMatters before, contact We may have it on record.

*Please note that with LSS titles they can only be ordered in quantities of 1 or 25 copies.

For publications from the BC Civil Liberties Association, please contact the Program Coordinator

If you come across a title not on the list, please consider the Selection Guidelines for Law Books for Libraries and contact the program coordinator before ordering.

Libraries may submit a list of titles purchased. Please include the total amount spent, and total copies purchased.

For regional or large library systems, please indicate which branches will receive the title.

Include a list of any titles you are ordering that are not on the core list, and have been approved by the program coordinator.

If an updated edition of a title held by library is ordered, please indicate this in your report.

Please include any free titles ordered as well.

Reports of purchases should be sent in by September 5, 2015.

The program offers:

  • In-person workshops: If your library is interested in an in-person workshop that covers topics such as legal reference skills and using legal resources; contact the program coordinator
  • Webinar presentations: occasionally the LawMatters program will host or facilitate webinars that may be of interest to public librarians and/or those who work with the public. Webinars are a convenient way to access training from wherever you are!

Library staff can contact Courthouse Libraries BC’s Information Services at 1-800-665-2570 or 604-660-2841 or by using the email

The LBL semi-annual update is expected to be published in August 2016.

Retention and Updating Guides in various topics are published occasionally.

Updates are published on the LawMatters web site.

The LawMatters blog which includes an option to subscribe by email or RSS for updates of legal information online, and program updates.

The program coordinator sends regular email updates to LawMatters contacts at all public libraries.