Johanne Blenkin: Courthouse Libraries BC 2014/2015 Service Reductions

Written by Johanne Blenkin and originally published on the blog:

CLBC has recently reduced or discontinued some services and adjusted our staffing levels in response to an 18% funding cut from our primary funder, the Law Foundation of British Columbia. 

Because the majority of our current budget is devoted to two core areas (staffing costs and information resources), it is not possible to absorb a budget reduction of this size without affecting these two areas.  After careful review, we have made the following adjustments:

  • Service for our Vancouver reference counter has been reduced from 3 to 2 on-duty staff during regular service hours. Our staffing levels have been slightly reduced and some staff departing via attrition will not be replaced;
  • Our paid legal research service has been discontinued.  Lawyers requiring legal research conducted on their behalf will now be referred to third-party providers;
  • Adoption of our ongoing “Digital Shift” transition from print towards a primary focus on electronic information resources has been accelerated with reductions to print subscriptions in larger branches and elimination of new  books in smaller branches.

Our goal in making these adjustments is to minimize the effect on our clients, manage reductions in an equitable way across the province, and maintain focus on our core service objectives in a sustainable manner in light of long-term funding realities.

If you would like more information about these changes, please contact Johanne Blenkin  at