New webinars available

In case you weren't able to view them live, new webinars have been added to the Courthouse Libraries webinar archive for you to view including:

Trauma-Informed Legal Practice 

  • Trauma-informed lawyering is an essential and long-overdue competency for all legal professionals. Providing trauma-informed legal services is foundational to mitigating the effects of the access to justice crisis – including the barriers many experience to accessing services – and building stronger, safer relationships with clients and colleagues.

Animal Law 101: Bite Size Animal Law

  • Animal law is a growing area of practice which intersects with numerous other areas of law. This 1-hour webinar on Animal Law is open to lawyers, paralegals and advocates looking for an introduction to this topic.

Indigenous Peoples and the Law (2020/2021 Webinar Series with CIAJ)

These are the first three from a series of six free webinars put on by Courthouse Libraries BC in partnership with the Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice (CIAJ):

  • Overview of the Calls to Action
  • The Next Stages of Indigenous Governance in Quebec
  • BC's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act 

Visit our archived webinars page to see everything we have to offer.