Province intends to introduce legislation to extend key Covid-19 orders

From BC Gov News:

Due to the ongoing fourth wave of the pandemic, the Province intends to introduce amendments to the COVID-19 Related Measures Act to extend it beyond the repeal date of Dec. 31, 2021.

The act provides statutory authority for various COVID-19 related orders that were introduced to respond to and minimize the effect of the pandemic. This includes orders:

  • to allow for remote witnessing of the signing of key legal documents;
  • to allow the courts to specify that court proceedings can be conducted remotely; and
  • to support orders of the provincial health officer that impose conditions on the number of long-term care facilities staff are permitted to work at to help reduce COVID-19 transmission. 

Additionally, the act provides civil liability protection to certain individuals or businesses that are providing an essential service, operating a business or engaged in an activity that benefits the community, as long as they are following the necessary public health orders.

The Province is providing notice of this planned amendment to assist affected organizations and businesses in planning for the possibility that existing orders that apply to their operations will continue beyond Dec. 31, 2021.

More details on the amendments will be available when the legislation is introduced in the house.

Visit BC Gov News to view the full announcement.