Provincial Court of BC - Revised notices and Practice Direction (effective Oct 7)

From October 7, 2020, Provincial Court of BC:

Chief Judge Gillespie has issued five updates effective, October 7, 2020, and highlights are outlined below.

1.       NP 14 Assignment of Duties to Court Services Justices of the Peace

·       Removes the CSB JP assignment for issuing process compelling the attendance of a person on private informations pursuant to s. 810 of the Criminal Code.  (JPs will still be able to swear and issue process on Crown approved informations pursuant to s. 810.)

2.       NP 21 Guide to Virtual Proceedings

·       References to “remote proceedings” changed to “virtual proceedings” throughout; adds “II. Media and the Public” section under “Virtual Proceeding Etiquette”; and housekeeping changes.

3.       NP 22 Resuming In-Person Proceedings During COVID-19: Health & Safety Protocols

·       Housekeeping change: deletes historical references to the May 26th announcement and July 13th as date registries reopened.

4.       NP 23 Circuit Court Sittings during COVID-19

·       Housekeeping change: deletes historical reference to Fernie and New Aiyansh “adjourned to” dates in September.

5.       CRIM 13 Initial Appearance Court in COVID-19

·       Housekeeping change: deletes “Application” section containing historical information.

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