Provincial Court: Updated Directions Regarding Judicial Authorizations at Justice Centre

From February 9, 2021:

Effective February 16, 2021, the Provincial Court will resume the operation of Practice Direction CRIM 03 regarding Daytime Search Warrant Applications, which sets out a process for daytime face to face applications. In-person applications for judicial authorizations, other than judge-only warrants, at the Justice Centre will also resume, as will in-person applications for judge-only warrants at the courthouses. Additionally, affidavits in support of in-person applications for all judicial authorizations will need to be properly sworn or affirmed before attending at the Justice Centre or the applicable courthouse to submit an application to the Court.

See full memorandum: Memorandum re Updated Directions re Judicial Authorizations at Justice Centre

See Practice Direction CRIM 03: Daytime Search Warrant Applications