Provincial Court of BC - Recovery of Some Court Operations

From the Provincial Court of British Columbia:

To comply with the advice of public health officials to minimize the number of people physically in courthouses, the Court transitioned to an “essential services model” in March, limiting hearings primarily to urgent matters. Since then we have been developing procedures to expand the types of cases that can be heard to include less urgent matters suitable for remote proceedings, resolve matters capable of settlement, and efficiently reschedule some matters.

As part of the BC Provincial Court’s COVID-19 recovery plan, we are now:

  • introducing mandatory pre-trial conferences for most adult and youth criminal trials and preliminary inquiries, as well as for family and small claims trials;
  • making telephone sentencing hearings available for some non-urgent out-of-custody matters; and
  • resuming family and small claims case conferences.


See updated Notice to the Profession and Public NP19 and Criminal Practice Direction CRIM 12: Criminal Pre-Trial Conferences During COVID-19, for details.

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