Revised Criminal Orders Picklist Launched

Announcement from the Provincial Court of British Columbia:

On January 29, 2020 the Provincial Court of British Columbia launched revised Criminal Picklists containing standard wording for bail, probation, and conditional sentences as well as associated orders like driving and firearms prohibitions. Revising the picklists originally adopted in 2017 involved the collaborative efforts of people representing all parts of British Columbia’s justice system including Provincial Court Judges and Judicial Justices, defence lawyers, Federal and Provincial Crown Counsel, Community Corrections, various policing agencies, a plain language advisor, and the Court Services Branch.

The revisions reflect recent amendments to the Criminal Code, including changes to the language used when making release orders following bail hearings; feedback from judges; and appellate rulings. However, the headings and numbering scheme have not changed.

The revised Criminal Picklists are available on the Resources for Criminal Cases page of the Court’s website or using this link: Picklists - Standardized wording for bail & sentence orders.