Supreme Court of Canada decision: Apportionment of Liability from Rioting

The Supreme Court of Canada released the following decision:


Montréal (Ville) v. Lonardi, 2018 SCC 29; File no. 37184


Case brief


(Civil liability — Apportionment of liability — Damages — Solidarity — Civil action being instituted against rioters for damage done to patrol cars — Whether rioters are solidarily liable for whole of damage done to patrol car during riot because they jointly took part in wrongful act within meaning of art. 1480 of Civil Code of Québec — Whether rioters committed common fault or contributory faults as result of which they are solidarily liable under art. 1526 of Civil Code of Québec — Whether rioters are liable in solidum — Civil Code of Québec, arts. 1480, 1526.)