Supreme Court of Canada decision: Extended Meaning of "Crown"

The Supreme Court of Canada released the following decision:


Williams Lake Indian Band v. Canada (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development), 2018 SCC 4, File no. 36983


(Aboriginal law — Land claims — Crown — Fiduciary duty — Indian reserves — Band seeking to establish statutory specific claim and obtain compensation for losses of lands within its traditional territory pre‑empted by settlers before Confederation — Whether before Confederation Imperial Crown owed to band, and breached, legal obligation under colonial legislation to protect lands from pre‑emption and set them aside as reserve — Whether after Confederation federal Crown owed, and breached, fiduciary obligation to set aside pre‑emptions and allocate lands as reserve — Framework for determining whether Crown owed and breached fiduciary obligation — British Columbia Terms of Union, R.S.C. 1985, App. II, No. 10, art. 13 — Specific Claims Tribunal Act, S.C. 2008, c. 22, s. 14(1) (b), (c).)