Supreme Court of Canada decision: Publication Bans

The Supreme Court of Canada released the following decision:


R. v. Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 2018 SCC 5, File no. 37460


(Injunctions — Interlocutory injunctions — Publication bans — Mandatory publication ban issued pursuant to Criminal Code  respecting identity of young victim — Media outlet refused to remove from its website articles which pre‑existed publication ban and which identified victim by name and photograph — Crown bringing application for contempt and for mandatory interlocutory injunction requiring removal of information from media outlet’s website — Applicable framework for granting mandatory interlocutory injunction — Whether Crown must establish strong prima facie case or serious issue to be tried — Whether chambers judge erred in refusing interlocutory injunction because Crown failed to show strong prima facie case of criminal contempt — Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985, c. C‑46, s. 486.4(2.1) (2.2).)