Drafting Pleadings - BC Supreme Court Civil Rule 3-1(2)
Last revised January 28, 2020

According to the Professional Legal Training Course (PLTC) Practice Material:

[...] the fundamental purpose of pleadings is to define the issues to be tried with clarity and precision, to give the opposing parties fair notice of the case to be met, and to enable all parties to take effective steps for pre-trial preparation.

The Practice Materials state that when drafting pleadings the goal should be to define the issues between the parties clearly, while at the same time, and without sacrificing accuracy, striving to keep the pleadings as brief as the circumstances will permit.

Pleading the Facts

Supreme Court Civil Rule 3-1(2)(a) requires that a notice of civil claim 'set out a concise statement of the material facts giving rise to the claim'.  For more information, see the PLTC Practice Materials.

Pleading the Law

Supreme Court Civil Rule 3-1(2)(c) requires that a notice of civil claim 'set out a concise summary of the legal basis for relief sought'.  For more information, see the PLTC Practice Materials.


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