Where can I find House of Commons and Senate Committee Meeting Minutes?
Last revised May 31, 2018

House of Commons and Senate Committee meeting minutes are available on microform from within the library and online via the Parliament of Canada website.

Courthouse Libraries BC

You can access the following titles on microform in the Vancouver location:

  • House of Commons Committees 1966-1995 (KP15 H6)
  • Senate Committees 1968-1995 (KP15 S5)
  • Joint Senate and House of Commons Committees (1984-1993)

While this collection is extensive, please keep in mind that it is not comprehensive.

Parliament of Canada

As of April 1995 committee evidence and minutes have been published online. They are accessible on the Parliament of Canada website. The process for searching House of Commons and Senate Committee minutes vary slightly, but each are available dating back to the 1st Session, 35th Parliament (although not the beginning of the session). 

Senate Committee minutes can be found from within the Senate portal on the Parliament of Canada home page. House of Commons and Joint Committee meeting minutes are accessible through the House of Commons portal on the Parliament of Canada home page.

Related: "Where Can I Find Federal Committee Reports?" provides a list of the individual committee reports that we have in print in our collection.



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