New Legal Information Sources for the Public

Happy (almost) Spring everyone! In the spirit of spring and renewal, this week’s post highlights new content from our friends at Legal Aid BC and People’s Law School. A quick reminder that in BC, all legal information created for the public is findable through Clicklaw. If ever in doubt about where to look on a given topic, that's your starting point!

Legal Aid BC's Updated Online Content & New Print Resource

Concerned about the currency of family law information with the new Divorce Act coming into force? Rest assured LABC's online sites have been updated to reflect the new laws. Check out the recent blog post on The Factum for more information about updated content regarding parenting arrangements on Family Law in BC and updated guided pathways on MyLawBC.

Looking for print handouts? Copying with Separation during COVID-19 is now in print and available to order! You can order them directly through Crown Publications along with any other print legal booklets you think your patrons may find helpful. If your library is has not yet opened back up to the point where you are making booklets available to patrons, perhaps you’d like to hold off until later this spring or summer. We’re just getting started on our 2021 Starter Legal Display Kit – stay tuned for more information!

People's Law School's Upcoming Webinar & New Q&A

Looking for programming to promote to patrons? Feel free to spread the word about this upcoming free webinar on consumer rights when it comes to used car sales.  Subject matter experts will answer common questions about buying used cards and share important information folks need to help protect themselves from deals they’ll wish they never made, and how to work out problems when they arise. The registration link is included here; please feel free to share widely.

They’ve also got some new Q & A under their “Rights & Citizenship” category relating to parks and fishing – just in time for Spring! If you have patrons asking about their rights around bringing their dogs to parks or whether they can fish in Howe Sound, you’ve got a new option to point them towards.

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Legal Aid BC logo in blue and green font with the tagline "Support when you need it"