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Top 5 must-knows about the new CanLII

by CLBC Administrator | Sep 19, 2013
Have you seen CanLII's new search interface yet? 

In April of this year, I brought you a piece on some of my favourite and unexpected ways to use CanLII.  All of this greatness is still available in the new edition and we’ve seen some enhancements.  In this post, I bring you the top five things to know about the new CanLII. 

1) New “Sort by court level”

In the old CanLII, results defaulted to displaying by relevance and gave you the option of resorting by “most recent” or “most cited”.  Now, you have the added option of sorting by court level.  This will push decisions from the highest courts to the top of the list.  Very handy.  

2) New approach: start big and narrow

The general approach with the new CanLII is a single search box which you run your terms or name through and then filter based on courts, date range, etc. If you are starting with the name of a case or an Act, the quickest route is to expand the main menu: 


3) No more capitalized connectors!

Those of you who formerly used Boolean connectors (and, or, not) know that you’ve always had to capitalize in CanLII.  

No more!  If I’m being really honest, I’m still going to capitalize mine.  I think it is a convenient way of keeping track of where my connectors are for refining my search.  But the important news is you don’t have to.  

4) Easily identify your source. 

The new CanLII has a great display that allows you to identify and sort by whether your results are cases, legislation or commentary with a quick cheat as to how many results you will find in each.  

5) Lots of extras under the jurisdiction

CanLII has created a page for each jurisdiction that is laden with extras.  

Not only do you have the ability to search anyone of these court or tribunal databases alone, it’s also a nice list of what databases are available to you.  This can be especially helpful if you need to locate tribunals or boards from other provinces. Finally, the external links give you quick access into a number of useful sites.  A quick route into the debates or the court lists are a great idea.  

Way to go CanLII. I love you more with every passing year…


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