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Legal Research Essentials: Finding Cases on Point


This course is a series of videos that demonstrate how you can conduct case law research more effectively.  In the videos we show you how to use popular legal research tools that are free (CanLII) or that you can use for free at BC courthouse libraries (CED, CLE Online, LawSource). 

Want to take this course for CPD credit?  Take the course (including self-assessment quiz questions) on the Law Society Online Learning Centre

Handout: The Course in a Nutshell  (PDF)


Start Here: Course Objectives

Everything you need to know about this course


Module 1: Introducing the Fact Situation

Must an engagement ring be returned if the wedding is called off?


Module 2: How to Identify Strong Keywords for Efficient Search

Gift or Contract? Engagement or Breakup? Considering Person, Action, Place, and Object

Module 3: Using Keywords to Find Cases on Point Using CED

Don't jump to a caselaw database: using narrative commentary as a shortcut to finding cases

Module 4: Using Keywords to Find Cases on Point Using CanLII

Tips and tricks for efficient searching


Module 5: Using Keywords to Find Cases on Point Using CLE Online

Drilling down by topic and other strategies for finding BC caselaw


Module 6: Finding More Cases: Noting Up Using CanLII

You've found a case on point. Exploit it!


Module 7: Can I Rely on this Case? Noting Up Using LawSource (Westlaw Canada)

Appealed? Overturned? Make sure your case has precedential value.


The course content was created by Alex McNeur of Courthouse Libraries BC in consultation with Mark Hicken, Kristina Oldenburg, and Mandy Ostick. The videos were produced by Skunkworks.

The course is not a substitute for exercising professional judgment on how much and what type of research is required for specific situations. It does not constitute legal advice. For product-specific training, contact the product's vendors or the Vancouver Courthouse Library - specialized training can help you maximize the benefits of a specific legal research tool.

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