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The Stream - Courthouse Libraries BC Blog

Welcome to the Stream.

Stay current with the latest news and views from Courthouse Libraries BC.  

Legal information is going digital ... and the Library is too

As so much of our world shifted to digital over the last two decades, law has been something of a hold out. When it comes to legal information, the “authoritativeness” of print has been slower to fade. Lawyers, as a profession, aren’t known for embracing new ways of doing things. ...

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WESA reading roundup

With the March 31, 2014 coming into force date of the Wills, Estate and Succession Act, SBC 2009, c. 13 fast approaching, many practitioners are looking for quick ways to get up to speed. Here is a roundup of some tips and resources for current awareness:

  • For convenience, Quickscribe ...

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Glenn Veale: Formal settlement offer revoked by newer "informal" offer

As counsel, are you confident in knowing when an offer to settle is no longer on the table? What conduct by one or the other party will be enough to revoke it? Although Rule 9-1(8) of the British Columbia Supreme Court Civil Rules states that an offer to settle does ...

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Order Books to Your Home or Office with Book in a Box

When it comes to legal information, Courthouse Libraries BC is committed to leveling the playing field in BC.  We are piloting a new service that disperses our print collection across the province–even to communities that don’t have a convenient Courthouse Library location.


We Come to You

 Or at least, ...

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BC Forms & Precedents and BC Practice by McLachlin & Taylor are now available on Quicklaw

One of the two most sought after resources at the Courthouse Library are the McLachlin & Taylor BC Forms & Precedents and the British Columbia Practice.  We are happy to announce that with our expanded Quicklaw suite both of those resources are now available in digital format and accessible ...

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Social Media Evidence and Litigation (Part One)

Courthouse Libraries BC maintains a regular column in the Advocate and in the first issue of 2014 we promised to follow up on the issue of technological competence and lawyering. Is it, for instance, even possible to opt out of a reasonable understanding of social media? Consider this in light of ...

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Essential Family, Criminal and Litigation Titles Now Available Province Wide Through Quicklaw

One of our key goals is to shape our digital offerings and collections to meet the diverse needs in the legal communities we serve. With 29 locations throughout the province, it certainly is a challenge to provide all of the legal titles we would like to in each location. Many ...

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Robert Holmes QC: When "must" means may and "may" means must

Getting legal advice on how a statute, regulation or contract is likely to be interpreted by a court is usually a sound idea on any significant business decision.  What may appear straightforward  is not always as non-lawyers would expect.  For example, in some cases, the word “may” is used.  Usually, ...

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Searching Federal Hansard

Exciting news! The Library of Parliament, partnered with Canadiana.org, launched http://parl.canadiana.ca last Wednesday, November 20. The site provides access to scanned originals of the Federal Debates of Parliament from the 1st Parliament, 1st Session, 1867-1868, up to the 35th Parliament, 1st Session, 1994-1996, when coverage on the Parliament of Canada ...

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How Can I Find Out if a Federal Statute Has Been Amended?

Fairly often, we get asked "how can I find out if a federal statute has been amended?"

Our go-to resource for this question is the Justice Laws Website. It's an excellent source for finding out if a statute has been amended between 1985 and the present.

On the left hand side ...

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