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Wednesday April 17th from 12:30-2pm
Registration link: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/7799178320468696065

This 1.5hour webinar is aimed at lawyers and non-lawyers who are looking to get a basic understanding of the law of injunctions and contempt of court proceedings. Our presenters are Leo McGrady, Q.C. and Murphy Fries of Koskie Glavin Gordon in Vancouver. Mr. McGrady and Ms. Fries have both written and presented on a variety of topics including human rights, labour law, and the law of protest. 

This is an introductory level workshop which will aim to provide an overview of how injunctions are used in the context of protests and the difference between civil and criminal contempt proceedings which can follow from the breach of an injunction. 

Participants in this webinar may claim up to 1.5 hours of CPD credit with the LSBC. 


Thursday April 4 from 12:30-1:30pm
Registration link: https://attendee.gototraining.com/r/1308886526272000770

This 1 hour webinar will demonstrate some of the great features of Quickscribe 2.0. Quickscribe 2.0 is accessible on all Courthouse Libraries BC Public Access Computers and provides access to the most current versions of BC statutes and regulations. 

Changes to legislation are often posted to QS 2.0 the same day they come into effect and early consolidations of key laws are routinely posted prior to coming into force. In session, Mike Pasta CEO of QS 2.0 will demonstrate how to navigate the online database, access historical versions of legislation, print legislation, set up alerts for updates to annotated legislation and access a unique Hansard feature which is designed to provide clarity on statutory intent - directly from the section level. A review of the new QS keyword email alert feature will also be covered. 

Participants in this webinar may claim up to 1 hour of CPD credit. 

Quickscribe is also offering participants an opportunity to sign up to a six-month personal subscription* at no charge as thank you for attending the session. 

*There is no obligation to subscribe at the end of the six month period at which time the subscription will simply expire.


More CPD opportunities

Archived Webinars

Stored in Vimeo and organized by topic. If you plan to review a previously recorded course for CPD credit, it is your responsibility to ensure that your review of the course meets the Law Society of BC's criteria for Approved Education Activities.

Legal Research Course

This course, which is eligible for CPD credit, is a series of videos that demonstrate how to plan a research strategy and employ specific research skills.  In the videos we show you how to use popular legal research tools that are free (CanLII) or that you can use for free at the BC Courthouse Libraries. 

Take the course (including self-assessment quiz questions) on the Law Society Online Learning Centre.

Complete an Ethics Study Kit

Our study kits have been put together to assist you in completing your BC Lawyers’ Continuing Professional Development credits. These three kits count towards the CPD requirement for:

  • professional responsibility and ethics
  • client care and relations
  • practice management

We’ve gathered articles and, in some cases, a scenario for you to review that highlight potential areas of concern for lawyers in practice. We’ve then set out a list of potential questions relating to the material you’ve read.

They are designed to be done in groups of two or more - think of it like a book club for lawyers. We suggest that you meet for one to two hours to discuss.

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In-Person Training

Tours and training are available by appointment in our Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, Nanaimo, New Westminster, Prince George, and Victoria branches.

Please contact the library branch directly or email training@courthouselibrary.ca to make an appointment.

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