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Clicklaw provides a unified point of access to the many and diverse sources of public legal education and information (PLEI) in British Columbia. Clicklaw allows members of the public in BC, intermediaries and educator end-users to search across and link into PLEI content that resides on a range of websites.

Began in 2007 as a Public Legal Education and Information Working Group initiative, led by Courthouse Libraries BC and funded by the Law Foundation of BC. The Clicklaw website was launched in the spring of 2009 and has continued to grow ever since. While Law Foundation project funding for the website has now ended, Courthouse Libraries BC has taken on the operation of Clicklaw as a core service.

Program offerings

Solve problems

  • when you need help with legal problems
  • when you aren't sure if you have a legal problem
  • if you are confused about what is legal or not

Help map

  • find someone to talk to about your legal issue by phone or in person
  • search by a topic and/or location to find help with legal problems near you

Learn & teach

  • when you want to learn about the laws that affect people in BC
  • when you want to learn about how the legal system works

Reform & research

  • if you are interested in law reform and legal innovations

Clicklaw blog

  • stay up to date on the latest legal resources and services in BC
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  • To improve access to public legal education and information by helping users locate and access PLEI content
  • To improve the effectiveness of user access to PLEI content by providing one-stop access to high quality PLEI content
  • To help identify gaps in PLEI programming by creating a unified entry point for PLEI content across BC
  • To improve coordination among PLEI Network organizations and the broader PLEI community in BC by creating a shared resource

2012 evaluation report

With the project phase completed and Clicklaw now a Courthouse Libraries BC program, we undertook an evaluation of the Clicklaw project.

Clicklaw Project Evaluation Report, October 19, 2012

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If you have any questions or comments about Clicklaw, please contact Desy Wahyuni, Clicklaw Program Coordinator, at Courthouse Libraries BC: