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This blog is for anyone working in the field of public libraries interested in learning more about legal reference resources and services available in BC. LawMatters is a Courthouse Libraries BC outreach program supported by funding from Law Foundation of BC.

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Community Forums Series Final Report

Many of you probably remember the 2021 Community Forum series hosted in partnership by LawMatters, Courthouse Libraries BC, PovNet, and Legal Aid BC. These virtual meetings brought together advocates,...

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Announcing the Legal Display Kit 2022!

Every Spring, for a limited time, LawMatters partners with Legal Aid BC to offer public libraries The Legal Display Kit. For those who may not already have a kit in their library, the Legal Display Ki...

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Pet Law Resource Roundup

April 11th marks National Pet Day in Canada! In celebration of our furry/feathery/scaly friends, we wanted to do a round-up of some recent and helpful resources on all things pet law! And of course, u...

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Upcoming Webinar Reminder – Legal Aid Resources

We wanted to give you a quick reminder this week of LawMatters’ upcoming webinar on April 5th. Your LawMatters team will be hosting alongside Legal Aid BC to talk about Legal Aid publications that you...

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BC Provincial Court: Information Sources and Webinars

Courthouse Libraries, Clicklaw, and LawMatters recently hosted Supporting Self Represented Litigants in Provincial Court: Resources and Q&A. Using a fictional narrative, presenters demonstrated on...

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