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This blog is for anyone working in the field of public libraries interested in learning more about legal reference resources and services available in BC. LawMatters is a Courthouse Libraries BC outreach program supported by funding from Law Foundation of BC.

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Feedback Wanted for Family Law Changes in BC

Family law is the area of law that deals with matters relating to the family and usually comes into play when intimate relationships break down. It covers topics such as separation, divorce, child cus...

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Announcement: SHARP Workplaces Closing Services

Many of you may remember our previous blog post and webinar from last year regarding the SHARP Workplaces Legal Advice Clinic, which provides free legal advice to those who are experiencing or have ex...

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Seeking Feedback about Book & Programming Challenges

LawMatters and British Columbia Library Association are looking for your feedback! In anticipation of future training to support BC public libraries when responding to aggressive challenges to their c...

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Representation Agreements Resources

A representation agreement is a legal document that allows you to choose someone to help you make decisions or make decisions for you if you become incapable. This person is known as a representative....

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2023 Reflections: your most popular law books

Happy 2024! This past year saw a lot of great work for the LawMatters program, including another successful grant year. We wanted to start off 2024 by talking about our most popular books and subject...

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