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We are a non-profit organization providing legal information services to the legal community, the judiciary and the public of BC. Our mission is to help lawyers and the community find and use legal information.


Caroline Nevin, CEO

Caroline Nevin

Chief Executive Officer


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Caroline has been practising for more than 30 years in association management, business management and public/media/government relations.  She served most recently as the Executive Director of the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch. Her strong professional and communications skills are complemented by a caring, human-focused approach. Caroline has a passion for identifying and removing barriers to people achieving their goals and thriving, whether in the resolution of personal legal problems or in the pursuit of excellence in legal or librarian practice.


Paul Hargreaves photo

Paul Hargreaves

Chief Financial Officer


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Paul is the Library’s chief financial officer.  A chartered professional accountant (CPA, CMA), he has more than 25 years of experience in not-for-profit management and financial reporting.  Outside of work he is an active volunteer with Canada’s Accounting Standards Board, chairing their Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee and having served six years as an AcSB Board Member.  Before joining CLBC, Paul worked for BC’s farmers as general manager at the BC Dairy Association.


Brenda Rose photo

Brenda Rose

Director of Community Engagement



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Brenda Rose is the Director of Community Engagement. She works with social justice organizations, public libraries and justice system partners to ensure that the library's services meet the diverse legal information needs of the legal community and the public. Her team is responsible for frontline legal information services, training programs, Clicklaw, Clicklaw Wikibooks and LawMatters. Brenda has worked in the public legal education and information field for over 20 years.



Tracy McLean, Manager of Information Services standing outisde

Tracy McLean

Manager of Information Services


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Tracy is the Manager of Information Services at Courthouse Libraries BC.  She is responsible for coordinating staff and library services in Vancouver, New Westminster and Abbotsford that help lawyers and the public find and use legal information.  In addition to managing these in-person, phone and email services, Tracy has over 14 years of experience in legal research and creating online content. Prior to joining Courthouse Libraries BC, she worked as a librarian at Vancouver Public Library.


Liz Blackburn, Manager of Regional Libraries

Liz Blackburn

Manager of Regional Libraries


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Liz Blackburn is the Manager of Regional Libraries. Her responsibilities include overseeing the Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops, and Prince George Libraries. She manages the print collection budget and acts as chair of the Collection Development Team which works to ensure a practice-oriented collection that meets the information needs of our clients.


Megan Smiley

Megan Smiley

Manager, LawMatters and Local Libraries


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As LawMatters program manager, Megan works with public libraries to enhance public access to legal information in communities throughout British Columbia. She draws on 7 years of experience as a law librarian to offer peer-to-peer collection development support and legal reference skills training for public library staff. She also manages the grant program for public libraries and is responsible for our smaller CLBC local branches in 22 courthouses around the province.


Photo of Desy Wahyuni

Desy Wahyuni

Clicklaw Program Coordinator


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Desy Wahyuni is the Clicklaw Program Coordinator. She is responsible for managing Clicklaw and its contributors. Prior to this, she has taken various supporting roles for Clicklaw since its development in 2008. She also brings her background in librarianship and the Information Technology (IT) support sector to her role.


Nate Russell photo

Nate Russell

Legal & Innovation Counsel and Privacy Officer



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Nate Russell serves as Legal & Innovation Counsel, inspiring and supporting innovation within CLBC and through partnerships. Nate is part of the management team, and the organization’s legal counsel and privacy officer. He works with Liaison Lawyers to provide training to lawyers, and oversees other projects at CLBC. A 2005 graduate of Dalhousie Law with a background in family law and civil litigation, Nate collaborates with lawyers to improve CLBC’s original, practice-oriented resources, as well as its public legal information. Prior to law, Nate worked in internet and media, including for CBC Television. He brings a unique combination of tech, legal skills and privacy certification to his role.


Del Friday in front of pink background

Del Friday

Liaison Lawyer



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Del Friday is the founder of a law firm you have never heard of that is located in a suburb of Vancouver that you will never visit. She has had an average career as a lawyer for over two decades. Del will never be recognized for the 100s of wills she has drafted or for the sheer volume of real estate deals she has worked on during her first few years as a solicitor. No one will tell stories about her legal achievements like the time she found an unpaid tax bill during the due diligence process of a share purchase.

Del is well-known for her laugh, contagious enthusiasm, and ability to make even a rock talk. While her legal career could be described as unremarkable, she is perfectly satisfied with her accomplishments.

Del finds joy in providing legal services to everyday people and feels called to support families moving through difficult circumstances. She is proud of the micro-firm that she has built over the last two years. The firm provides her with the time to pursue her many passions, including her work as an educator for the Courthouse Library of British Columbia. “My part-time library job is amazing. I love providing resources and training to new lawyers and other members of the legal community. Did you know that one of the library’s values is kindness? Wow! That place makes my heart sing.”

Picture of Lesley

Lesley Dobin

Manager of Information Resources


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 As the Manager of Information Resources, Lesley leads the team responsible for CLBC’s online legal resources, website, intranet, catalogue and the CRM.  Together we develop and maintain legal information collections to ensure everyone in BC has the legal information they need and the ability to use it.