Have you heard about Lawbster or the Family Law Organizer (FLO) community for family law professionals?

Empowering the legal community to better help their clients and get the resources they need as professionals… that’s Courthouse Libraries BC’s main mission. Lawbster is all about connecting legal professionals with one another. The site supports Communities of Practice, and helps lawyers, and other professionals who work closely with lawyers, connect, communicate, collaborate and educate one another. logo

Lawbster ( is a closed online community platform. Accounts are free to legal (and other) professionals who meet the eligibility criteria for one of the Communities of Practice. Only logged in users can see or search what’s on Lawbster.

The data on Lawbster is Canadian-hosted and controlled by CLBC. We created Lawbster to be a free, accountable, secure, and trustworthy tool for lawyers and legal professionals who want to connect with one another based on shared interests or areas of practice.

You can learn more about FLO, Lawbster's pilot community for family law professionals, by visiting the FLO page.

Please contact if you have any questions.