About Us

About us

At the Courthouse Library, we serve the legal community, the judiciary and the public of BC. We are funded by the Law Foundation of BC, a non-profit foundation that funds legal projects and programs that benefit the BC public, as well as the Law Society of BC, the organization that regulates lawyers in our province. Our mission is to help lawyers and the community find and use legal information.

The Government of British Columbia provides us with space in 30 courthouses around the province. All of our libraries have public computers with legal databases and internet access. In eight libraries in larger communities throughout the province, we have fulltime staff who can assist clients with information requests. We also have a 1-800 number and an email service that anyone in BC can access to ask a legal information question.

We support accessible legal information for the general public with our LawMatters program in public librariesour Clicklaw website, which features legal information for the public, and Clicklaw Wikibooks, which produces collaboratively developed, plain language legal publications.