Family Law Organizer

Courthouse Libraries BC (CLBC) has been working with a committee of BC family law professionals to help them realize their vision for a "Family Law Organizer".

FLO is a community of legal professionals established to improve the practice of family law by encouraging dialogue and the free exchange of knowledge, building relationships within the family law bar and related professions, sharing precedents, papers and other practice resources, and improving the experience of family restructuring after separation for children and adults.

Membership in FLO

Membership in FLO is free, and requires an account on CLBC’s online community platform, It’s open to Law Society of British Columbia members, as well as designated paralegals (as defined in the Code of Professional Conduct). Other membership requests will be considered on a case-by-case-basis by the FLO Steering Committee.

With membership you can access:

  • Calendar - for family law CPD courses and events
  • News Stream - for family law related news items
  • Precedent Library - with shared advice, precedents and difficult to find cases
  • Papers Collection  - where articles, research papers and case comments can be shared
  • Jobs & Opportunities - exclusively in family law
  • Working Groups - for private discussion and project collaborations
  • Links - curated for family law lawyers
  • SCFR Noteup Robot – single click to find cases that cite specific Supreme Court Family Rules

      About was created by CLBC to be a Canadian-hosted, professionally focused social network and community platform for legal professionals. FLO is the “proof of concept” and pilot community for The initiative as a whole fits with CLBC’s larger mission to help the justice system better manage, curate, share, and connect legal knowledge.