We are a non-profit organization providing legal information services to the legal community, the judiciary and the public of BC. Our mission is to help lawyers and the community find and use legal information.


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Kensi Gounden

Chief Executive Officer


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Kensi Gounden joined Courthouse Libraries BC as CEO in May 2017. 

Kensi was called to the Bar in 1991.  He began a solo practice primarily in the areas of criminal, family, immigration and corporate law.  He then joined the Law Society of British Columbia as a staff lawyer, and eventually became a member of the leadership team responsible for Standards, Professional Development and Practice Advice.

Through his work as a private practitioner and work with the Law Society, Kensi became familiar with the issues facing the unrepresented parties and sole and small practitioners in the justice system. He is committed to using the library’s resources to assist all lawyers in giving the best quality of service to their clients and to provide better access to justice for individuals.

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April Lemoine

Chief Financial Officer


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April Lemoine is the Chief Financial Officer at Courthouse Libraries BC. Her areas of responsibility include finance, accounting, HR, facilities and administration. April is a CPA, CMA and also holds a MBA from UBC. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector in areas of the arts, sport, and health research.

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Brenda Rose

Director of Community Engagement


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Brenda Rose is the Director of Community Engagement. She works with social justice organizations, public libraries and justice system partners to ensure that the library's services meet the diverse legal information needs of the legal community and the public. Her team is responsible for frontline legal information services, training programs, Clicklaw, Clicklaw Wikibooks and LawMatters. Brenda has worked in the public legal education and information field for over 20 years.


Sheila Folka

Sheila Folka

Manager Regional Branches


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Sheila Folka is the Manager of Regional Branches. She is responsible for coordinating staff and library services in Victoria, Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, New Westminster and Nanaimo. Prior to joining Courthouse Libraries BC, she worked in the publishing industry and for many years worked in reference and information services and managed the library staff at two BC colleges. Her priority is the delivery of outstanding service to CLBC clients.

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Julie Loerke

Manager of the Local Branch Libraries and the Prince George Regional Library


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Julie Loerke is the Manager of the Local Branch Libraries and the Prince George Regional Library. She is responsible for the management of the Prince George library and the 23 smaller libraries around the province. Julie joined Courthouse Libraries BC in 1981 and has many years experience working in a remote community doing a wide variety of library work. She is committed to working with branch staff in smaller communities to help them meet the needs of the legal community and the public in their communities.

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Tracy McLean

Manager of Information Services


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Tracy is the Manager of Information Services.  She is responsible for coordinating staff and library services in Vancouver that help lawyers and the public find and use legal information.  In addition to managing the in-person, phone and email services in Vancouver, Tracy has over 10 years of experience in legal research and creating online content. Prior to joining Courthouse Libraries BC, she worked as a librarian at Vancouver Public Library.

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Alex McNeur

Manager of Information Resources


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Alex is an information professional with over 15 years of legal research and information systems experience.  As the Manager of Information Resources, Alex leads the team responsible for CLBC’s online legal resources, website, intranet and the technical services department.  Together we develop and maintain legal information collections to ensure everyone in BC has the legal information they need and the ability to use it.

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Shannon McLeod

LawMatters Program Coordinator


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Shannon McLeod is the Program Coordinator for the LawMatters Program. She works with public libraries to enhance public access to legal information in all communities throughout British Columbia. She manages the LawMatters grant program, offers collection support, and provides training on legal reference for public librarians.

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Audrey Jun

Clicklaw Program Coordinator


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Audrey Jun is the Clicklaw Program Coordinator. She is responsible for managing Clicklaw and its contributors, and works with other team members to manage Clicklaw Wikibooks and the Courthouse Library website. Audrey combines backgrounds in law, public legal education and technology to bring a variety of perspectives to her role.

Megan Vis-Dunbar is one of the Library’s Liaison Lawyers. She provides training for members of the legal community on the use of our information resources and in particular, our online collections. Megan holds a BCL and LL.B. from McGill University. Prior to joining the Library, she operated her own law practice, with a focus on constitutional and criminal law.

Nate Russell is one of two Liaison Lawyers helping lawyers connect the dots between the world of practice and a broad range of legal information resources and emerging technologies. Nate is also the program coordinator for Clicklaw Wikibooks. A 2005 graduate of Dalhousie Law with a background in family law and civil litigation, Nate is the primary contact for small firms and solos. One of Nate’s primary focuses is collaborating with lawyers to improve and develop practice-oriented resources especially online. Prior to law, Nate worked in internet and media, including for CBC Television. He brings a unique combination of tech and legal skills to his role.

Katrina worked with various firms in private practice before joining the library as a Liaison Lawyer. She currently runs her own business law firm and uses technology to make her practice more efficient. Katrina is the primary contact for small firms and solos and can help lawyers connect the dots between practice and legal information resources. She works frequently with legal technology companies on innovation in the legal industry and delivery of practical resources.