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Law Books for Libraries

The Law Books for Libraries list is a key component of the LawMatters program. It is an Excel file of recommended materials for public libraries, broken down into smaller segments found on labeled tabs along the bottom of the sheet. The home page explains how the file is organized and includes tips on how to use the list when making your selections. As this is a new format, please feel free to share any feedback you have!

The Starter Legal Display Kit is a joint LSS and LawMatters project offered every spring. The purpose is to promote handouts in legal displays for public libraries in a way that makes it easier for busy library staff to manage. Legal handouts can offer another access point for patrons: access to print information they can take away for themselves. The form can be downloaded, filled out and sent back to us, and your selected materials will be sent directly to your library. More details can be found in the form.

Selection Guidelines

These guidelines are used in the LawMatters program to select materials for the list of recommended titles in Law Books for Libraries, and allows for occasional exceptions.  If you wish to purchase materials not currently on the list, please use the guidelines in making your selection and forward your list to the LawMatters project coordinator before purchasing.

Retention and Updating Guide 
Accessing Free Titles

Order publication from the Legal Services Society (LSS)* and People’s Law School through Crown Publications. To sign into Crown Publications you will need a Crown Account number (Customer ID) and a Postal Code. If you do not have an account already, LSS can set one up for you here (see Online ordering with Crown Publications).

If you have forgotten your Customer ID, and have ordered through LawMatters before, contact We may have it on record.

Training Opportunities
  • In-person workshops that cover topics such as legal reference skills and using legal resources 
    • contact the program coordinator to arrange
  • Webinar presentations of interest to public librarians and/or those who work with the public

To keep up to date with the LawMatters program, please visit the BC LawMatters Blog.


    Megan Smiley is the LawMatters Program Coordinator.

    For more information contact: 

    604.660.9204 or 1.800.665.2570