Updated January 15, 2021: At this time, as physical access to the library is limited in response to Covid-19, you can ask librarians to perform searches in ICLR on your behalf. Contact us by email or phone at:

librarian@courthouselibrary.ca / 1.800.665.2570


Courthouse Libraries BC maintains a subscription to the ICLR database. ICLR contains a vast archive of official UK law reports dating back to 1865. 

ICLR is available on-site on any Courthouse Library Public Access Computer.

ICLR provides access to:

The Law Reports:

  • King's Bench Division: 1901 - 1952
  • Queen's Bench Division: 1891 - 1901,1952 - present
  • Appeal Cases: 1891 - present
  • Chancery Division: 1891 - present
  • Admirality and Ecclesiastical Cases: 1865 - 1875