Reference tools

These tools and guides are designed to help raise awareness of legal information sources and services available to you and the public, and are meant increase your confidence using them in your day-to-day work.  

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Guides for public libraries

Guide to legal terminology

Wondering what words you should use to find accurate information? This guide helps you define the legal terms you need for your searching!

Legal Information & Legal Advice

Librarians are in the business of providing information services (but not advisory services), keep this by your reference desk as a reminder of the difference!

Toll-free Referral Phone Numbers for Legal Information and Advice (May 2020)

A list of Province-wide sources of legal support services accessible my phone, and in some cases, in-person. You can also use the Clicklaw HelpMap to find legal support services in your area.

Freely accessible online legal information

Stay tuned! Downloadable ‘How-to' guides on using Clicklaw, Clicklaw Wikibooks and other sources of online legal info are coming soon.