Table of Local and Private Statutes

Title Citations
Abbotsford School District Act S.B.C. 1921 (2nd Sess), c.1
Amended by S.B.C. 1928, c.1;
Amended by S.B.C. 1936, c.1;
Repealed by S.B.C. 1946, c.1
Absconding Debtors Act This was a Public Act published in each revision up to R.S.B.C. 1960, c.1. Subsequently it became an Unconsolidated Public Act
Amended by S.B.C. 1976, c. 33;
Amended by S.B.C. 1977, c. 75, s. 1;
Amended by S.B.C. 1978, c.25, ss. 333 & 334;
Repealed 1978, c. 11, s.1
Accelerated Park Development Act S.B.C. 1971, c.1
Repealed by S.B.C. 1990, c.26
Accountants (Chartered) Act S.B.C. 1905, c. 59 (titled Chartered Accountants, 1905).
Amended by S.B.C. 1914, c. 85;
Repealed and Replaced by S.B.C. 1921, c. 53;
Retitled R.S.B.C. 1979, c. 2;
R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 3.
Act for Curing Defects in Certain Municipal Elections in 1876 S.B.C. 1877, c.7
Acting Police Complaint Commissioner Continuation Act S.B.C. 2002, c. 67;
Self-repealed S.B.C. 2002, c. 67, s.2
Adams River Railway Company Act, 1903(Incorporation) S.B.C. 1903, c.30
Dissolved by S.B.C. 1926/27, c.55
Aeroplane Spruce Act S.B.C. 1918, c.2
Agassiz Drainage and Dyking Act S.B.C. 1949, c.1
Repealed & Replaced by S.B.C. 1953 (2nd Sess), c.39;
Repealed by S.B.C. 1964, c.34
Alberni (City of) Election Validation Act S.B.C. 1919, c.3
Alberni Official Map Act S.B.C. 1909, c.1
Alberni Water, Electric, and Telephone Company (Incorporation) Act S.B.C. 1896, c.50
Alexandra Company (Incorporation) Act S.B.C. 1877, c.32 [Disallowed]
Alexandra Hospital Property Act S.B.C. 1895, c.1
Alice Arm Railway Company (Incorporation) Act S.B.C. 1898, c.46
Dissolved by S.B.C. 1926/27, c.55
Alien Labour Act S.B.C. 1897, c.1 [Reserved; not assented to by Governor General]

See also Labour Regulation
Allied Forces Exemption [1915] Act S.B.C. 1915, c.3
Amended by S.B.C. 1916, c.4;
Amended by S.B.C. 1917, c.4;
Repealed & Replaced by S.B.C. 1918, c.4
Amended by S.B.C. 1919, c.4;
S.B.C 1920, c.4
Allied Forces Exemption [1939] Act S.B.C. 1939, c.3
Repealed by S.B.C. 1946, c.3
Ambulance Act S.B.C. 1915, c.4
Repealed by S.B.C. 1922, c.71
Ambulance Services Collective Agreement Act S.B.C. 2009 c.29
Expired March 31, 2010