Computers & Wifi use at a library

image of a computer and a wifi symbol

Computer use

Public-access computers are available in all libraries for the purposes of accessing the library website, research databases and accessing the Internet. Clients are expected to use these resources in a responsible and courteous manner, consistent with law-related research and information and with the purposes for which they are provided.

Clients should not:

  • access the Internet for any purpose that violates Canadian federal or provincial law
  • breach the terms and conditions of software licensing agreements
  • destroy or damage equipment, software, or data
  • use computers in a manner that disrupts or interferes with other library clients, including the displaying or sending of graphics which may be reasonably interpreted as offensive.

We reserve the right to set time limits on the use of public-access computers in order to ensure equitable access to electronic resources.

We reserve the right to suspend library privileges for clients who violate these guidelines.

WiFi use

WiFi internet access is available in all of our Courthouse Library locations.

To connect to our WiFi network you’ll need the password, which can be found in the library or by asking a staff member, you will also need to read and agree to the WiFi terms of use.