Amendments to the Supreme Court Civil and Family Rules

A number of amendments to the Supreme Court Family Rules and Supreme Court Civil Rules took effect on Friday, September 1, 2023, pursuant to OIC No. 425-2023.

Please be advised that Chief Justice Hinkson has rescinded:

  • Family Practice Direction 6 – Short Notice Applications – Family;
  • Family Practice Direction 18 – Applications made by Requisition pursuant to Supreme Court Family Rules 7-1(4), 14-3(4), 22-1(3) and (4) and 22-6(4);
  • Practice Direction 49 – Applications by Requisition & Supporting Letter pursuant to Supreme Court Civil Rules 5-1(3), 5-2(3)(a), 5-2(3)(b), 12-2(4) and 23-5(4);
  • Practice Direction 51 – Consent Order to Dispense with Trial Management Conference in Civil Cases; and
  • Administrative Notice 13 – Inclusion of Trial Briefs in the Trial Record.

For more information, please see the Notice below. 

Notice - Rescission of FPD-6,FPD-18,PD-49,PD-51,AN-13.pdf

Chief Justice Hinkson has also revised the two practice directions below and issued family practice direction 19:

  • Practice Direction 4 – Case Planning and Judicial Management of Actions, has been updated, including to clarify that case planning and judicial management is available in family actions as well as in civil actions, and to include reference to family Form F19.2 (Notice of Case Planning Conference).
  • Practice Direction 28 – Chambers Practice, has been updated to remove reference to filing timelines for application and petition records, which are included in the civil and family rules effective September 1, 2023.
  • Family Practice Direction 19 - Applications made by Requisition, Supreme Court Family Rules 22-1(3) and (4) – Judicial Case Conferences, provides that applications for directions that a person may attend a JCC by telephone, video conference or other communications medium, and the manner in which a JCC is to be conducted, may be made by filing a Requisition in Form F19.1.

Copies of the revised PD-4 and PD-28, and FPD-19 are below.

PD - 4 Case Planning and Judicial Management of Actions 2023.09.01.pdf

PD - 28 - Chambers Practice 2023.09.01.pdf

FPD - 19 Applications Made by Requisition (Family) - JCCs.2023.09.01.pdf