BC Provincial Court Announcement – Revised Notices, Practice Direction, and Policy

December 16, 2022

Chief Judge Gillespie has issued the following updates effective December 19, 2022:

Revised FAM 12 Default Method of Attendance for Court Appearances Under the Provincial Court (CFCSA) Rules revised title and amendments consequential to the Revised CFCSA Rules per OIC 559/2022 and 676/2022;

Revised NP 28 Court Operations During Communicable Disease Phase of COVID-19 changes consequential to the Revised CFCSA Rules and housekeeping changes;

Revised Access to Court Records Policy updated section 3 to be consistent with Rule 8(15) of the Revised CFCSA Rules;

Revised NP 11 Use of a Support Person in Small Claims and Family Proceedings – housekeeping changes; and

Revised NM 01 Accredited Media Access to Court Proceedings and Court Records clarifies subsection 1.1 that remote access by accredited media to court proceedings is by telephone.