Collection Spotlight - April 2022

We are adding new material to our collection all of the time. If there is something that you would like to see that you can't find, let us know by phone or email. 

The following new titles and editions are on the shelf and available to borrow now.

Notable new titles

Creating Indigenous Property: Power, Rights, and Relationships - 2020

Angela Cameron, Sari Graben, and Val Napoleon

Creating Indigenous Property identifies how contemporary Indigenous conceptions of property are rooted in and informed by their societally specific norms, meanings, and ethics. Through detailed analysis, the authors illustrate that unexamined and unresolved contradictions between the historic and the present have created powerful competing versions of Indigenous law, legal authorities, and practices that reverberate through Indigenous communities

Find it on the shelf at: KM208.I5C364 2020


Oosterhoff on Wills – Ninth Edition 2021

AH Oosterhoff, C David Freeman, Adam Parachin, and Mitchell McInnes

Oosterhoff on Wills provides a complete primer on all aspects of the law, incorporating text and commentary with concisely edited case extracts to elucidate and explore every aspect and phase of wills law. It can readily be used for better understanding of the basic concepts of wills and estates and as authority for legal principles.

Find it on the shelf at: KN120.O57 2021


The Doctrine of Res Judicata in Canada - Fifth Edition 2021

Donald J Lange

The Doctrine of Res Judicata in Canada, 5th Edition is the most recent volume on the doctrine of res judicata by Canada's recognized legal scholar on the subject, Donald J. Lange. The text is the definitive resource on an important legal doctrine: why a person can only sue or be sued once for each case.

Find it on the shelf at: KN390.L36 2021


Mack’s Criminal Law Trial Handbook - 2021

Dallas Mack

Designed to be the first, quick-reference resource for trial lawyers and judges, this book seeks to provide a quick answer on issues as they arise during trial proceedings, or a starting point for more in-depth research in preparation for a trial.

Find it on the shelf at: KM570.M33 2021


Wise Practices: Exploring Indigenous Economic Justice and Self-Determination - 2021

Robert Hamilton, John Borrows, and Brent Mainprize

Covering such critical topics as economic justice and self-determination, and the barriers faced in pursuing each, Wise Practices sets out to understand the issues not in terms of sweeping empirical findings but through particular experiences of individuals and communities.

Find it on the shelf at: KM208.I5H365 2021