Collection Spotlight - Métis Law in Canada

Book cover image of Métis Law in Canada

The only book of its kind with its specific focus on Métis people. By Jean Teillet, who is a member of a prominent Métis family herself, as well as a lawyer who has led major cases on Indigenous rights, you get a run through of the history, identity issues and legal story as it has developed from when the author first started this publication as the Métis Law Summary in 1999.

The updated loose leaf is available in our Vancouver, Victoria and Prince George branches. As always, we can ship this to borrowers by request. A PDF version is also freely available through the Métis Nation of Alberta website.

Teillet has also written the popular history The North-West is Our Mother: The Story of Louis Riel’s People, the Métis Nation one of the Globe & Mail’s top books of 2019.