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The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better / Abdi Aidid
KN349.A43 2023
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Law today is incomplete, inaccessible, unclear, underdeveloped, and often perplexing to those whom it affects. In The Legal Singularity, Abdi Aidid and Benjamin Alarie argue that the proliferation of artificial intelligence–enabled technology – and specifically the advent of legal prediction – is on the verge of radically reconfiguring the law, our institutions, and our society for the better.

Revealing the ways in which our legal institutions underperform and are expensive to administer, the book highlights the negative social consequences associated with our legal status quo. Given the infirmities of the current state of the law and our legal institutions, the silver lining is that there is ample room for improvement. With concerted action, technology can help us to ameliorate the problems of the law and improve our legal institutions. Inspired in part by the concept of the "technological singularity," The Legal Singularity presents a future state in which technology facilitates the functional "completeness" of law, where the law is at once extraordinarily more complex in its specification than it is today, and yet operationally, the law is vastly more knowable, fairer, and clearer for its subjects. Aidid and Alarie describe the changes that will culminate in the legal singularity and explore the implications for the law and its institutions.

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Animal Rights Law / Raffael Fasel
KN84.3.F37 2023 
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Do animals have legal rights? This pioneering book tells readers everything they need to know about animal rights law.

Using straightforward examples from over 30 legal systems from both the civil and common law traditions, and based on popular courses run by the authors at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights, the book takes the reader from the earliest anti-cruelty laws to modern animal welfare laws, to recent attempts to grant basic rights and personhood to animals. To help readers understand this legal evolution, it explains the ethics, legal theory, and social issues behind animal rights and connected topics such as property, subjecthood, dignity, and human rights.

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The Canadian Law of Consent to Treatment / Leanne Tran
KB297.1.R695 2023 
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Consent to treatment is the most hotly debated medical legal issue in the world. The entire patient-provider relationship rests on it. The Canadian Law of Consent to Treatment anticipates the possibility of a medical dispute and provides solutions to what could otherwise be a legal and risk management nightmare. The 4th Edition is the long-awaited update of Lorne E. Rozovsky’s text, written by health lawyer Dr. Leanne E. Tran.

Features of This Book

  • Up-to-date coverage of common consent issues – Includes criteria for valid consent; when consent is not required; issues with respect to consent and reproduction, human research, and tissue donation; determining capacity; refusing consent; documenting consent; and more
  • Current legislation and initiatives – Includes new case law since the previous edition published 20 years ago
  • Strategic recommendations and best practices that can be used to avert litigation – Includes “Risk Management Principles” featured at the end of each chapter
  • Practical guidance for real-life situations – Includes appendices with prototype forms, template clauses, checklists, and guidelines

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The Law of Professional Regulation, 2nd edition / Bryan Salte
KN168.S24 2023 
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The Law of Professional Regulation, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive textbook about professional regulation and potential liability of regulatory bodies. This unique resource reviews relevant court and tribunal decisions since 2004, discusses long-standing principles which guide these decisions, and provides an in-depth discussion of the procedural elements of professional regulatory offences. In this second edition, author Bryan Salte comments the many changes that have occurred since the first edition, including the Supreme Court’s decision in Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration) v. Vavilov.

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The Law of Regulatory Investigations in Canada / James T. Casey
KM302.C37 2023 
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Administrative decision making has become the principal manifestation of state power in the lives of Canadians. Most administrative law texts focus on the adjudicative phases of regulatory processes. However, regulatory investigations are a much more prominent part of the overall regulatory machinery and give rise to complex and important legal issues. This book focuses on addressing those regulatory investigation regimes.

Written by a team of administrative law experts, The Law of Regulatory Investigations in Canada is unique in that it offers a multi-disciplinary approach to this important topic. While there are vast differences in the regulatory statutory frameworks that govern various regimes – such as professional discipline or occupational health and safety – the administrative law issues that arise in investigations tend to be similar, regardless of the particular regime.

As a result, this text is organized by legal issue and covers a wide range of regulatory contexts, including professional discipline, police discipline, securities, financial regulation, environmental, occupational health and safety, privacy, human rights and competition law. This multi-disciplinary approach provides an effective framework for a comprehensive analysis and synthesis of legal issues that arise in regulatory investigations generally.

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