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A guide to Canadian construction insurance law, Arbitration Law of Canada, Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System, Ziff's Principles of Property Law, Prosecuting and defending offences against children


Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System, 2nd ed / Jonathan Rudin
KM208.I5R83 2022
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Indigenous people are the most over-represented population in Canada’s criminal justice system. Their experiences within the system are interwoven with issues of colonialism and discrimination. Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System, 2nd Edition, examines these issues and their impact to provide lawyers and judges with a deeper understanding of this area of the law.  

In this bestseller, Jonathan Rudin provides a practical review of leading case law and day-to-day considerations for practitioners who are working with Indigenous clients. A host of key topics are explored in the text, including but not limited to major inquiries and cases, Indigenous courts, Aboriginal justice programs, and the challenges surrounding sentencing circles.  

The second edition contains a new chapter devoted to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the experiences of FASD-affected individuals in the Canadian Criminal Justice system. It also includes a practical review of the 2019 Final Reports by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and the Public Inquiry Commission on relations between Indigenous Peoples and certain public services in Québec: listening, reconciliation and progress. This bestseller also features expanded coverage of overrepresentation, sentencing, plea bargains, Gladue principles, and Charter challenges. 

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A Guide to Canadian Construction Insurance Law, 2nd ed / Bruce Reynolds
KN83.8.R49 2023
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It has been over a decade since the publication of the First Edition of Insurance A Guide to Canadian Construction Insurance Law. That time has seen several significant changes in the construction insurance industry.

The text remains a key risk management tool for participants in the Canadian construction industry as it provides a comprehensive review of the many types of insurance products applicable to Canadian construction projects. It is written in plain language by two leading construction law practitioners with extensive experience in respect of construction insurance and is accessible to all senior construction people.

The Second Edition features significant updates to the commentary throughout, most notably in sections on Conditions and Warranties, Subrogation, Policy Interpretation, Builders’ Risk Policies, Resultant Damage Exception, the relationship between CGL Coverage and Builders’ Risk Coverage, Pollution Insurance, Coverage for Additional Insures, and Relief from Forfeiture, along with several brand new sections including but not limited to the Reasonable Expectation of the parties and the Priority of Concurrent Policies.

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Arbitration Law of Canada: Practice and Procedure, 4th ed / Brian Casey
KN256.C372 2022
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Arbitration Law of Canada covers arbitration law in all the Canadian Provinces. It is not only a definitive legal text, but has been designed and organized to be a handy reference text for arbitration practitioners. It has been quoted with approval in many courts across Canada as well as the Supreme Court of Canada.

This is a comprehensive treatise on the law and practice of arbitration in Canada.  Arbitration Law of Canada covers all aspects of commercial arbitration:

  • When to Choose Arbitration; 
  • How to Draft an Effective Arbitration Clause; 
  • How to Choose an Arbitrator; 
  • Legal and Practical Aspects of Arbitrating in Canada under both the UNCITRAL Model Law as well as domestic legislation,
  • Enforcing Awards in Canada, Regardless of the Jurisdiction in which they were made

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Ziff's Principles of Property Law, 8th ed / Eran Kaplinksy
KN50.Z531 2023
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Ziff’s Principles of Property Law provides an overview of the law of real and personal property as found in the common law jurisdictions of Canada. Starting with an examination of the meaning of property, the justifications for private entitlements, and the history and social importance of the idea of property, the text presents the foundations upon which the elaborate structure of property law doctrine has been built.

The topics covered include boundaries, possession, estates, Indigenous property interests, equitable interests, leases, licences, bailments, shared property rights, servitudes, security interests, and land registration.
All twelve chapters have been comprehensively updated and revised to reflect legislative, jurisprudential, and policy developments since the last edition.

There is an expanded commentary on property interests under Indigenous legal traditions, land tenure on First Nations reserves, legal protections against expropriation, the history and development of the remedial constructive trust, and property interests in jointly held bank accounts.
New primary and secondary materials spanning a broad range of common law jurisdictions have been included.

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Prosecuting and Defending Offences Against Children: A Practitioner's Handbook, 2nd ed / Lisa Joyal
KM543.35.J69 2023
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Children have a unique status when participating in the criminal justice system. In order to clarify the issues and challenges that arise in these specific circumstances, Prosecuting and Defending Offences Against Children, 2nd Edition breaks down the numerous factors and considerations that legal professionals must be aware of when working on cases where children have been victims of crime.

The author and contributor team—composed of Crown, defence, and judiciary—thoroughly examines multiple facets of child abuse, including neglect, sexual abuse, Internet exploitation, physical abuse, and homicide. Additionally, this text considers how children interact with the criminal justice system differently than adults through its exploration of child witness preparation, the special features of children’s evidence, testimonial aids, and sentencing.

The second edition covers all recent case law developments and includes additional case law from western and eastern Canada.  This edition also contains new chapters that discuss defending clients accused of offences against children, authored by Judge Kasandra Cronin, as well as child forensic interviewing, authored by Sick Kids Hospital social workers: Meredith Kirkland-Burke and Janeen Moddejonge.  

This practical and procedural guidance is an invaluable resource to anyone seeking a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of how criminal law applies to cases involving the abuse of children.

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