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The Portable Guide to Evidence, 6th ed / Michael Doherty
KN390.D63 2022
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The development of the modern, principled approach to the law of evidence by the Supreme Court of Canada did not make evidentiary disputes any less contentious. The Court continues to hand down new evidence law decisions, so that lawyers and decision makers have to scramble to keep up to date on the current state of the law and to ensure that they are citing the latest appellate jurisprudence. Compact and easily referenced, The Portable Guide to Evidence, 6th edition by seasoned litigator Michael P. Doherty uses excerpts from Canadian appellate court decisions to provide a comprehensive review of the law of evidence. Offering a quick refresher when evidentiary arguments arise unexpectedly, together with compelling authority for use in argument, this book is an indispensable tool for litigation counsel and a valuable resource for anyone with an interest in this evolving area of law.

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Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: From Legal Custom to Lawful Concern / Vanisha Sukedo
KN264.72.S85 2023
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Vanisha H. Sukdeo, an academic and author of this new publication, states in the introduction that the purpose of this book is to examine “how to improve corporate accountability by making corporations responsible for what happens along their supply chains … and how mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence could be implemented to improve the working conditions of … workers in foreign jurisdictions that are outside the reach of Canadian corporate law.”

Mandatory human rights due diligence (mHRDD) is a relatively new field of study; it has developed at the intersection of corporate law and international human rights. While articles have explored this topic, Sukdeo’s Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: From Legal Custom to Lawful Concern is the first book to examine it in detail.

The analysis in this volume covers a range of topics – from the 2020 Supreme Court of Canada decision in Nevsun Resources that imposed new obligations on Canadian corporations with global supply chains to international caselaw and recent legislative changes in Norway and Germany. Sukdeo also considers the role that soft law instruments like codes of conduct can play in the protection of the rights of workers. Case studies on the Rana Plaza disaster and the Hudson’s Bay Company provide additional context.

Written in a clear and straightforward manner, Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence: From Legal Custom to Lawful Concern is an accessible resource that will be useful for lawyers who need to have an understanding of the evolving obligations of Canadian corporations with international supply chains as well as for business professionals who don’t have a legal background.

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Charter Remedies in Criminal Cases, 2nd ed / Matthew Asma
KM570.A86 2023
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Charter remedies are available across all types of offences in criminal proceedings. Charter Remedies in Criminal Cases, 2nd Edition examines the relevant principles and technical rules that need to be considered when seeking out or trying to resist applicable remedies. National in scope, this practical resource will also assist practitioners in deciding which remedy might be more appropriate or just.

The breaches and remedies featured in this text cover a wide range of issues, including—but not limited to—police misconduct, unconstitutional legislation, sentence reduction, recouping costs from the Crown, habeas corpus applications, and declarations of invalidity. This text also provides detailed analysis of the criteria for exclusion of evidence under section 24(2) of the Charter, including the "obtained in a manner" criterion established in R v Pino. Additionally, the availability of judicial stays of proceedings is discussed at length, with close examination of the types of cases where stays are likely, and unlikely, to be granted.

This edition features new discussion on the 2022 Supreme Court of Canada case, R v Sullivan, exploring the ways in which this landmark decision will impact judicial comity and rules of horizontal stare decisis. It also features more comprehensive coverage of entrapment and enhanced sentence credit.

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Canadian Business Law, 4th ed / Tamra Alexander 
KN250.A549 2023
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Canadian Business Law, 4th Edition is a comprehensive introduction to contemporary business law through a legal risk-management perspective. Readers will gain a working knowledge of key concepts across multiple areas of law, including torts, contracts, consumer protection, employment, property, debtor-creditor, and more.

The fourth edition features an updated recurring fact scenario focused on a fictional small business start-up, helping contextualize various aspects of business law and common legal issues. This edition includes a new chapter on Indigenous business, touching on many considerations ranging from consultation to business structures. Another new chapter addresses business law in the digital age, with comprehensive coverage of privacy law, cybersecurity concerns, and associated legislation.

By presenting business law through a practical lens, this guide helps readers build confidence in their ability to navigate real-world business situations and effectively minimize risk.

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A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, 5th ed / Kenneth Adams
KN10.A32 2023
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With A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, Kenneth A. Adams has created a uniquely in-depth survey of the building blocks of contract language. First published in 2004, it offers those who draft, review, negotiate, or interpret contracts an alternative to the dysfunction of traditional contract language and the inertia and flawed conventional wisdom that perpetuate it. This manual has become a vital resource throughout the legal profession, in the United States and internationally.

This fifth edition contains more than 70 pages of new materials addressing many topics, making it even more authoritative and essential. The rest of the text reflects many adjustments. This manual's focus remains how to express contract terms in prose that is free of the archaisms, redundancies, ambiguities, and other problems that afflict traditional contract language. With exceptional analysis and an unmatched level of practical detail, Ken highlights common sources of confusion and recommends clearer and more concise alternatives. This manual is organized to facilitate easy reference, and it illustrates its analysis with numerous examples. Consult it to save time in drafting and negotiation and to reduce the risk of dispute.

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