Claiming court funds from BC Unclaimed
Last revised November 06, 2023

BC Unclaimed is a non-profit society that re-unites people with unclaimed funds in British Columbia. The organization is governed by the Unclaimed Property Act and the Unclaimed Property Regulations. Unclaimed funds can be from various sources such as credit union accounts, insurance payments and court order payments. Money that gets left behind in courts requires a court order directing BC Unclaimed to pay out the money to the entitled party or parties.

To make an application for a court order to pay out the original funds paid into court, you will first need to identify the original court order that directed funds to be paid into court. The file number or party names can be searched at the Court Registry to locate the original court order. Once the order is identified, an application can be made to get a new court order that identifies the party or parties entitled to the money and directs BC Unclaimed to transfer it.

Applications made for funds from Provincial Court Small Claims

  • Application to a Judge or Justice (Form 17).

Applications made for funds from Supreme Court

  • Notice of Application (Form 32) with a supporting Affidavit (Form 109)


BC Unclaimed maintains a free, searchable database of unclaimed funds in BC. More information about the process for claiming money that did not originate in the courts, for example, credit union accounts, unpaid wages, and insurance payments can be found on the BC Unclaimed website.


Content reviewed November 6, 2023