English Statutes - Research Tip
Last revised February 10, 2020

If you have a reference to an old English statute but cannot find it in the statute volumes you are using, try checking other compilations such as the Statutes At Large From Magna Charta to the End of the Last Parliament, 1761 [continued to 1800]  and the Statutes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland: With Notes, References, and an Index ... from A. D. 1801; 41 George III. To [32 & 33 Vict. - 1868-9] .

Different series have different editors and many of the old English statute compilations are incomplete.

It is also worth checking Halsbury's Statutes for any notes regarding statute citations.  For example, a general note in the entry in Halsbury's for the Succession to the Crown Act 1707, 6 Anne chapter 41, states that "This Act is Chapter VII 6 Anne in the common printed editions." 

Certain English statutes are reprinted in the appendix to the Revised Statutes of British Columbia 1871, the Revised Statutes of British Columbia 1897 and volume IV of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia 1911. These statutes were included in these volumes because of their relation to BC law and are among the most frequently requested.




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