Finding unreported decisions
Last revised January 11, 2024

To find an unreported decision in BC there several options:

  1. The CLBC website Unreported Decisions Index.  This database has unreported decisions spanning from 1881 to 2013 and includes more than 33,000 court and tribunal decisions. Use the search bar to look for decisions, then use the ‘Request copies’ button on the decision page to request a PDF. Turn around time for document requests is up to 2 business days.
  2. Search the subscription databases Quicklaw or WestlawNext using the computers in the library. Sometimes these databases have digital copies of the decisions found in the CLBC Unreported Decisions database.
  3. Search the registries on Court Services Online. Using the party names, you can search for what registry might have files associated with a decision. You will have to pay to view these files online, or you can view them at the courthouse registry and pay to make copies.
  4. Court files may be moved to the BC Archives at the end of their retention period at the registry, usually 15 years.  Not all cases are marked for permanent retention and may not be available in the BC Archives.
  5. If the unreported decision is from a tribunal, you may be able to contact the tribunal directly to obtain copies of decisions.