How Do I Research Personal Injury Cases Involving ICBC?
Last revised September 01, 2022

ICBC uses standard legal research tools to help their claims adjusters settle their files:

  • British Columbia Law Reports
  • Annotated Insurance Motor Vehicle Act
  • the Supreme and Provincial court websites

Quantum amounts can be found through:

  • CLE Online (available on Courthouse Libraries computers)
  • Carlson Personal Injury through LexisNexis Quicklaw (available on Courthouse Libraries computers)
  • or through a variety of texts, such as Goldsmith's damages for personal injury and death in Canada 

As of June 21, 2007, UMP arbitration decisions as required by section 148.2 (2.1) of the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation (BC Reg #447/83) are now posted on the ICBC website.