Justices of the Peace
Last revised September 13, 2022

Justices of the Peace are subject to the supervisory authority of the Chief Judge of the Provincial Court.  Information on the appointment process, complaint procedure and the Justice of the Peace Code of Ethics is available on the court's website.

In BC, there are three kinds of Justices of the Peace, each with different assignments:

  • Judicial Justices of the Peace - JJPs (formerly called Sitting Justices of the Peace) preside in court over certain matters and handle search warrants and certain bail hearings
  • Judicial Case Managers - JCMs (formerly called Trial Coordinators) handle trial scheduling and initial appearances.
  • Court Services Justices of the Peace - CSJPs work in the court registries. CSJPs swear informations, issue summonses and warrants of arrest, do remands and handle uncontested bail, among other duties.

Justices of the Peace do not perform civil marriage ceremonies. In BC, that role is performed by marriage commissioners.