King's Counsel (BC)
Last revised September 12, 2022

King's Counsel (K.C.) is an honorary title bestowed on lawyers to recognize exceptional merit. It is known as Queen's Counsel during the reign of a female monarch.

Before 1899, appointments were created by federal letters patent. In 1899, enactment of the Queen's Counsel Act, 1899, S.B.C. 1899, c. 60 provided legislative authority for Majesty's Counsel appointments.

In past years, the Law Society of British Columbia administered an informal process of seeking K.C. nominations. In 2007, the Ministry of the Attorney General established a formal nomination system. 



Queen's Counsel Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 393

Queen's Counsel Nomination Process

Her Majesty's Counsel  by Alfred Watts

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