Police Court
Last revised September 13, 2022

Police Court existed from 1886 to 1962. It was established in 1886 as part of the Vancouver Incorporation Act, S.B.C., c.32. In 1962, it was replaced by the Magistrate's Court through the Magistrates Act, S.B.C., 1962 c. 36. The Magistrates Court was in turn was replaced by the Provincial Court in 1969. 

The City of Vancouver Archives contains records of Vancouver's Police Court, but access to some records is restricted.

Other municipalities also had police courts.  Some have kept records in a local archive, others have sent records to the provincial archives.  Contact the municipality or BC Archives for more information.






City of Vancouver Archives - Police Court Records
1150 Chestnut Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3J9
tel: 604 736 8561 
email: archives@vancouver.ca

BC Archives
675 Belleville Street
Victoria, B.C. V8W 9W2
tel.: 250 387 1952
fax: 250 387 2072
toll free: call Service BC for assistance (604-660-2421 or 1-800-663-7867
email: access@royalbcmuseum.bc.ca


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