Prisoners Legal Services
Last revised March 14, 2019

Prisoners' Legal Services is a project of the West Coast Prison Justice Society and promotes the rule of law for federal and provincial prisoners within prisons in BC.

To access Prisoners Legal Services, prisoners will first need to call for a referral from the Legal Services Society. With that referral the office will handle matters where the prisoner has a legal issue that affects their liberty in prison, such as segregation, involuntary transfers to higher security, disciplinary hearings or sentence calculation. After getting a referral prisoners can call the PLS office directly.

The office does not handle family matters, civil matters or appeals of conviction or sentence.







Legal Services Society of BC
Legal Aid Call Centre 1-888-839-8889

Prisoners Legal Services
tel: 604-853-8712
fax: 604-853-1038
toll free:  1-866-577-5245

Suite 201 - 33241 Walsh Ave
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 1Z9


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