Recovering money paid into court (Supreme)
Last revised September 13, 2022

Under certain circumstances money may be paid to a court and held pending a decision in the case.  In the Supreme Court of BC this is most commonly because of a security for costs paid to bring an appeal in a small claims matter.

This information explains how to recover money that you are entitled to that is being held by the Supreme Court of BC.  Note that this information only covers the recovery of money already held in court, not other money which you may be entitled to from a judgment.

  • If no decision has been reached in your case then you can include a request for payment out to release the held funds to you.  Following the judge’s decision the funds should be released.
  • If a decision has already been reached then you will have to file a Notice of Application requesting an order for the release of the funds. Once a judge has granted the application you will need to file a Requisition requesting the release of funds from the registry.